• A Systems Approach to Distinctive Impact Protection Design Since 1945

  • The Defence & National Rehabilitation Centre.
    Pawling Install Over a Mile of our High Impact Stainless Steel Crash Rail

  • In House Manufacture at Two Facilities Totalling 360,000 Square Feet

  • A Comprehensive Range Of High Quality Products For The Protection Of Walls, Doors and Corners

Manufacturing corner guards & wall protection products since 1945

Since 1945 Pawling have been designing and manufacturing Wall & Corner Guards and Door & Wall Protection products. We offer a truly extensive high quality range that will meet your performance and design requirements.

The Pawling Range of Wall Protection Products have been providing solutions to Impact Damage since 1945.

Our truly extensive range includes: Wall Protection Sheets, Handrails, Combi-Rails, Corner Guards, Wall Guards, Bump Rails, Door and Frame Protection, Crash Rails and Bed Head Protection.

Manufactured in-house, our range offers a multitude of designs in 70 standard colour choices. Our products provide robust impact defence to the Walls, Corners and Doors of the building from damage caused by Wheeled and Pedestrian Traffic. This myriad of choice also enables the user to not only protect, but to also enhance the building environment.

Where a higher degree of impact defence is required Pawling Systems offer a full range of Heavy Duty Protection Products. Manufactured from Rubber and Stainless Steel, our wide range of designs include Rubber Wall & Corner Guards,  providing the protection needed where heavy trucks and trollies are in use.

The Pawling Range of Stainless Steel Range is unrivalled in its choice and scope. As a material Stainless Steel not only offers robust Wall defence, but its hygienic qualities make if the perfect material for ‘Clean’ environments, such as Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Kitchens and manufacturing.

The Pawling Stainless Steel range offers: Wall and Floor Mounted Stainless Steel Crash Rails, Handrails and Corner Protection. All products are manufactured in-house, with designs and finishes to protect and enhance your environment.

  • Over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Impact Protection Products.
  • In house manufacture at 2 facilities totalling 360,000 square feet.
  • Comprehensive range of exceptional products to protect your facilities from front to back, inside and out.
  • 5 Year Warranty.
  • Environmental Commitment – Pawling are commited to the recycling of materials within the manufacturing process. We also now offer a PVC Free option for many of our products.
  • 70 Standard Colour Choices; Unlimited Custom Colours.
  • All products are performance tested and manufactured under strict quality controls.