3 Solutions to Protect Wall Corners

Pawling Systems Corner Guards offer a complete solution to the common problem of Impact damage at corners. Our truly extensive range of Corner Protection allows designers the choice of function, style and finish to suit each environment.

Within this post we are going to focus on a few different Corner Guard options and when is the optimum environment to use them.

PVC Self-Adhesive Corner Guards

Our PVC Self-Adhesive Corner Guards are the perfect solution for a quick and easy installation. Supplied with our high-performance double-sided tape applied, these Corner Guards offer the protection you require whilst enhancing the interior of your building. Available in 70 standard colours, we have a versatile colour range to suit any interior.

Our CG-12 & CG-13 products prove to be our most popular Corner Guards in this range being supplied to customers throughout the UK on a daily basis.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Mostly used in areas where hygiene is of paramount importance such as lab or food service environments. Our stainless-Steel Corner Guards provide robust protection while offering an easy to clean surface. Fitted using either standard adhesive or optional pre-drilled holes for fasteners, allowing for installation to be quick and simple. Adhesive fixing will also enhance hygiene when applied to minimize the growth of dirt and bacteria.

Take a look at our CG-51 and CG-52, our most popular type of Stainless-Steel Corner Guard we offer. These are also available with a special cranked edge to offer superior protection.

Rubber & Heavy-Duty Corner Guards

Our Rubber Heavy Duty Corner Guards are used in areas where the most severe impact damage takes place. This tends to be in areas such as back of house delivery areas where heavy machinery and vehicles are being operated regularly.

In situations like this we would recommend taking a look at our popular CG-2 and CG-6 Heavy Duty Corner Guards. Our CG-2  is a Heavy-Duty EPDM Rubber Corner Guard with large wing size offering extra protection to those vulnerable areas. The CG-6 Corner Guard is new addition to our already extensive range. Manufactured in a Flexible PVC with Co-extruded Yellow Stripe, this Corner Guard would be the ideal solution in this type of environment.

If you are interested and would like to enquire about any of the products mentioned above, please contact us on 0845 355 6666 or alternatively send an email to sales@pawlingsystems.com where one of our dedicated sales team will be happy to assist you.