Bed Head Protection


The damage caused by the movement of beds in hospitals and care homes can be a constant daily problem. Our Bed Head Protection systems have been designed to eliminate this issue by providing long lasting protection to the vulnerable areas.

The most popular product for this type of damage is our BL-30 Bed Head Buffers. Comprising two a high impact PVC Covers with an Aluminium Core Retainer to ensure maximum protection to the wall. The D-Shaped profile allows for maximum absorption to protect the walls from any impact damage which may occur. This product can also be supplied with an aluminium extended bracket option to offer further projection from the wall.

In addition to our popular BL-30 we also offer our BL-4 Bed Head Locator which has been designed to not only prevent damage to the wall but also keep the bed in place. This product comes in
standard 1220mm Lengths and a range of colours to match every interior.

If you have any upcoming projects or would like to enquire about any of the products in our range, please contact us on 0800 292 2788 or alternatively send an email to where one of our dedicated sales team will be happy to assist you.