The Flexible Option

From time to time there are corners which need to be protected which aren’t the standard 90 degrees. For this type of corner, we have developed a range of flexible options which can suit. We are also able to custom form to any angle you may have from our rigid PVC options. These rigid PVC […]

Handrail Solutions

At Pawling Systems, we have a wide range of handrail products to suit every type of environment. Ranging from various shapes, sizes and finishes, our products have been carefully designed with the end user in mind. The extensive choice we offer means choosing the most suitable handrail can be a tough choice. Over the years […]

Bed Head Protection

The damage caused by the movement of beds in hospitals and care homes can be a constant daily problem. Our Bed Head Protection systems have been designed to eliminate this issue by providing long lasting protection to the vulnerable areas. The most popular product for this type of damage is our BL-30 Bed Head Buffers. […]

Project Holyhead Road – Shrewsbury

Since the beginning of the year, we have carried out numerous installation projects throughout the UK. These have varied in size and scope which has provided us with several new clients to work with. Our most recent project completed was at Holyhead Road in Shrewsbury. The project involved supplying and installing our BR-1200 Handrail in […]

Cost Effective Option to Everyday Damage

Our self-adhesive Corner Guards and Economy Wall Guards are the perfect cost effective solution to everyday wall damage which may occur within your building. With budgets being stretched more than ever and the cost of products rising throughout the industry you can be rest assured that our cost-effective options will save you money as well […]

Our Heavy-Duty Protection

Our range of Heavy-Duty Products have been designed and developed to withstand the most severe impact damage and are capable of enduring extremely heavy loads. These products are ideal for a variety of environments such as warehouses, car parks, back of house and many more. Made primarily from EPDM Rubber and Flexible PVC, these products […]

Case Study Airedale Hospital

We recently completed a project at Airedale Hospital in West Yorkshire. The project involved supplying and installing our BR-400V Handrail, CG-20 Corner Guards and BL-30 Head Protectors. All products were supplied in one of our newer colours Vaporize which worked perfectly with the white walled contrast. The BR-400V Combi Rail was installed in all circulation […]

The Hygienic Option

At Pawling Systems as well as our popular textured sheet we also offer a range of smooth hygienic finishes. Our Smooth Hygienic Sheet Range is the ideal product when hygiene is of paramount importance. The anti-bacterial finish enables this versatile product to be installed in a multitude of industries and sectors. It can also be […]

The Perfect Solution

Our Bed Head Protectors are the perfect solution to the frequent damage caused from the regular movement of beds in hospitals and care homes. At Pawling we have carefully designed and manufactured a range of products to ensure the damage occurring doesn’t cause any unsightly scrapes and cracks which can lead to costly repairs. The […]

Protecting your Door Edges and Frames

Doors edges and frames are particularly vulnerable to an array of daily damage which can ultimately lead to costly repairs or even replacements. At Pawling Systems, we have carefully designed and manufactured our door and frame protection with this in mind. Our Door Edge Guards come in standard PVC and Aluminium finishes which offer both […]