Protecting Vulnerable Doors and Frames

At Pawling Systems we provide Door and Frame products to help those vulnerable areas where damage is likely to occur. This can transpire in a variety of environments such as retail, healthcare, hotels and many others. The damage can occur from the day to day movement of equipment, hospital beds, trollies etc. In order to […]

Protection in the Retail Industry

Wall and Corner Protection in the retail industry is an area of key importance. Having the interior of your building free from any wall damage is vital to making the right first impression to potential customers. At Pawling Systems, we offer a wide range of Wall and Corner Guards to match seamlessly into the interior […]

Wall Protection in the Industrial Sector

Industrial buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and loading docks can be susceptible to frequent heavy impact damage caused by forklifts, trucks, cars and trollies. This high impact damage can cause serious damage to the building resulting in the need for costly repairs to be carried out. Pawling Systems can offer a wide range of […]

Pawling Systems Cushioned Corner Guards

At Pawling Systems we supply products that not only protect the building fabric but can also protect people from injury Our Cushioned Corner Guard range prevent injuries from sharp corners and are therefore ideal for use in schools, nurseries and public buildings. The Cushioned Guards can also be fitted horizontally to lower level beams and […]

Ways to Cut Costs in the Healthcare Industry

In hospitals protecting walls and corners can become a difficult task. With a vast number of people passing through the corridors each day, the exposed walls and corners can soon become damaged and in need of costly repairs. In such an environment this can be particularly important as keeping a clean and hygienic hospital is […]

Extending our Range of Corner Protection

At Pawling Systems, we are constantly looking to develop and add new products to our already extensive range of Corner Protection. Through our vast experience within the industry we have developed a couple of new products which will ultimately give even more options to our customers. This will allow any type of vulnerable corner to […]

3 Solutions to Protect Wall Corners

Pawling Systems Corner Guards offer a complete solution to the common problem of Impact damage at corners. Our truly extensive range of Corner Protection allows designers the choice of function, style and finish to suit each environment. Within this post we are going to focus on a few different Corner Guard options and when is […]