Our Heavy-Duty Protection

Our range of Heavy-Duty Products have been designed and developed to withstand the most severe impact damage and are capable of enduring extremely heavy loads. These products are ideal for a variety of environments such as warehouses, car parks, back of house and many more. Made primarily from EPDM Rubber and Flexible PVC, these products […]

Protecting your Door Edges and Frames

Doors edges and frames are particularly vulnerable to an array of daily damage which can ultimately lead to costly repairs or even replacements. At Pawling Systems, we have carefully designed and manufactured our door and frame protection with this in mind. Our Door Edge Guards come in standard PVC and Aluminium finishes which offer both […]

Choosing Pawling Systems for your Wall and Door Protection needs

Pawling Wall Protection helps to maintain a clean and attractive environment which is particularly important during these unprecedented times. Covid-19 is causing us all many challenges and at Pawling we have been able to provide customers with our hygienic Wall Protection Products that can help combat this infection. Areas of damage to the building fabric […]