Protecting your Door Edges and Frames

Doors edges and frames are particularly vulnerable to an array of daily damage which can ultimately lead to costly repairs or even replacements. At Pawling Systems, we have carefully designed and manufactured our door and frame protection with this in mind. Our Door Edge Guards come in standard PVC and Aluminium finishes which offer both […]

Tried and Tested

Since 1945 Pawling have been manufacturing Wall and Door Protection products. Over the years we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which has enabled us to develop a product range which is tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality and go through vigorous quality control […]

BR-5RVS New Product

At Pawling Systems we are continually working on developing new products to stay at the forefront of the wall and door protection market. We already offer an extensive range of handrails which suit a variety of sectors and industries. From wooden, stainless and PVC there are endless combinations for our customers to choose from. The […]

Heartwood Wall Protection Sheet

At Pawling Systems our technical and design team are always looking to add new products to our already extensive range. Our most recent addition is our Heart Wood Faux Wood finishes now available in our Wall Protection Sheet products. We offer this in 7 different finishes and in 3 standard thicknesses. The faux wood finish […]

Case Study – Warrington Hospital

We recently completed a project at Warrington Hospital in the north of England. This project required a range of our Wall Protection products throughout the new ward, ensuring the vulnerable walls and corners were protected from the daily traffic in the hospital. Within the corridor areas our BR-400V Combi Rail was chosen which combines a […]

CRW-10 Wall Guard

The latest new addition to our Wall Protection range is the CRW-10. This wooden wall guard provides a sleek, aesthetic look to protect any building interior whilst the two subtle PVC strips provide extra protection from any direct impact. This product is well suited to a variety of environments such as offices, care homes and […]

Which Corner Guard to Choose?

At Pawling we offer an array of Corner Guards to choose from which may make it challenging in deciding which one to select. The type of Corner Guard chosen will depend on several factors such as the type of damage (light duty or heavy duty), fitted externally or internally or the interior of the building […]

Case Study – Tower 42, London

  We recently completed another project in central London which involved supplying and installing our E-1 Heavy Duty Rubber Wall Guard along with our CG-2 Rubber Corner Guards. The materials were to be installed to eliminate the impact damage which was occurring in the basement area of the building. Heavy Duty trollies and machinery were […]

Addition to our Product Range

  At Pawling we are constantly looking to develop new products to add to our wide range of wall protection solutions. We have recently developed a new product to add to our heavy-duty range. The ER-25 is made from solid EPDM Rubber and offers maximum protection from impact damage. This product is ideal for a […]

Case Study – Royal Albert and Edward Infirmary

Pawling Systems have just completed the installation of our impact protection products at The Royal Albert and Edward Infirmary in Wigan The project required heavy duty protection to the doors, walls, and corners as well as a handrail support within the corridors. For the main corridor walls the client specified our BR-400V combined handrail and […]