Our stainless steel corner guards come in a variety of radii and corner angles, with easy installation (standard adhesive or optional pre-drilled holes for fasteners). Excellent for lab or food service environments, especially when adhesive applied, to minimize the growth of dirt and bacteria. Special cranked edges offer superior protection.

Product CodeWing DimensionStyleColoursCorner Protection
CG-5089mm 90°Satin FinishHeavy
CG-5151mm 90°Satin FinishHeavy
CG-5225mm 90°Satin FinishHeavy
CG-5589mm 90° 19mm RadiusSatin FinishHeavy
CG-6089mm 135°Satin FinishHeavy
CG-6589mm135° 19mm RadiusSatin FinishHeavy