Door Face Protection

The door facing is another section of the door which can be susceptible to impact damage. The constant opening and closing can cause damage and unsightly marks which can be costly to repair. Fortunately, we offer a full range of Panels and kickplates which can be cut to any dimension you require. This could be as subtle as a kickplate or a fully cladded door. Whatever your requirements are we can provide the solution.

Product CodeDimensionsColours
WC-60/WC-80 2440mm x 1220mmStandard 70 Colours
Kick Plates KPV-60 To Custom SizesStandard 70 Colours
Doorknob Protector DKP-12284mmW x 160mmHIvory, Tan, Brown, Eggshell
Doorknob Protector DKP-10302mmW x 80mmHIvory, Tan, Brown, Eggshell
Push Plates PPV-60To Custom SizesStandard 70 Colours