Protecting your Door Edges and Frames


Doors edges and frames are particularly vulnerable to an array of daily damage which can ultimately lead to costly repairs or even replacements. At Pawling Systems, we have carefully designed and manufactured our door and frame protection with this in mind. Our Door Edge Guards come in standard PVC and Aluminium finishes which offer both robust, long-lasting protection to your door edges. Supplied with smoke and fire seals as standard to ensure all fire and safety requirements are met.

A further product in our range which aids in protecting doors is our DFG-30 Door Frame Guard. This product is perfect for areas of heavy traffic such as hospital corridors, shops, and care homes. The product comprises an Aluminium Core Retainer with a High Impact PVC Cover to absorb any impact damage which occurs. Available in our 70 standard colours with the top and bottom end caps providing a completed look to your interior.

Lastly our DFC-1 Door Frame Guard which can be used in a wide variety of settings, is a custom formed PVC Door Frame Guard designed to the exact dimensions of your door frame. This design ensures every part of your frame is fully protected leaving no room for unsightly damage.

If you have any upcoming projects or would like to enquire about any of the products in our range, please contact us on 0800 292 2788 or alternatively send an email to where one of our dedicated sales team will be happy to assist you.