Ways to Cut Costs in the Healthcare Industry

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Ways to Cut Costs in the Healthcare Industry

In hospitals protecting walls and corners can become a difficult task. With a vast number of people passing through the corridors each day, the exposed walls and corners can soon become damaged and in need of costly repairs. In such an environment this can be particularly important as keeping a clean and hygienic hospital is vital for all patients and staff. Installing Pawling Systems wall protection will not only protect those vulnerable areas but will also enhance the experience for patients and visitors providing them with a sleek and professional interior throughout. Below are a few recommend products which would be ideal for this type of scenario.

Impact Protection Sheet

Our WC-60 1.5mm Thick Wall Protection Sheet is ideal for corridors to prevent walls getting bumped and scraped. This product comes in a 1.5mm thickness with a light textured surface finish ensuring the scrapes and damage are kept discreet. With over 70 standard colours to choose from, our Wall Protection Sheet will match in seamlessly with the interior of your hospital.

Corner Guards

Our vast range of Corner Protection will allow for every vulnerable corner to be protected. In an array of sizes and finishes, our Corner Guards will fit flawlessly into the interior of your hospital. Our most popular type of Corner Guards for this environment are our self-adhesive (CG-12 & CG-13) and our aluminium core retainer Corner Guards (CG-10 & CG-20). These PVC Corner Guards are available in the full 70 standard colours and come with a light textured surface finish.

Wall Guards

Wall Guards such as our popular WG-8 are ideal for hospital corridors as they will provide robust heavy-duty protection against trollies and beds whilst keeping the corridors spacious and free from any obstruction. The slim profile of this Wall Guard along with its continuous aluminium core retainer make it the perfect product for this type of environment.

If you are interested and would like to enquire about any of the products mentioned above, please contact us on 0800 292 2788 or alternatively send an email to sales@pawlingsystems.com where one of our dedicated sales team will be happy to assist you.