Which Corner Guard to Choose?


At Pawling we offer an array of Corner Guards to choose from which may make it challenging in deciding which one to select. The type of Corner Guard chosen will depend on several factors such as the type of damage (light duty or heavy duty), fitted externally or internally or the interior of the building and so on.

Our standard PVC self-adhesive corner guards are ideal for a quick and easy installation. Available in 70 standard colours they will provide a medium duty protection to corners. These are our most popular product within our range.

If you are after a more heavy-duty PVC option which can deal with high impact damage our PVC Corner Guards with Aluminium Retainers are the perfect solution. The continuous aluminium retainer offers maximum protection to the corner with the top and bottom end caps offering a completed look.

If maintaining the décor of your interior is of paramount importance, then our range of clear polycarbonate corner guards are the perfect fit. Supplied pre-drilled and countersunk for easy installation, our clear corner protectors allow your décor to shine through.

In environments where hygiene is vital our Stainless-Steel Corner Guards are perfect. Offering heavy duty protection whilst being easy to clean and manage. Available in a range of wing dimensions and lengths.

If sharp and dangerous edges are of concern within your building, then our cushioned corner guards are well suited to prevent this. We offer two standard colours which are both self-adhesive. The cushioned material will prevent any serious impact damage occurring.

Lastly our Heavy-Duty Corner Guards. These are most commonly used in back of house and warehouses where impact damage is severe. The Corner Guards have been designed and manufactured to withstand persistent heavy-duty damage. Available in a range of materials, colours, and sizes they will ensure your building remains intact.

If you would like to enquire about any of the products mentioned above or any others within our range, please contact us on 0800 292 2788 or alternatively send an email to sales@pawlingsystems.com where one of our dedicated sales team will be happy to assist you.